Tired of Looking at Water Stains on Your Ceiling?

Tired of Looking at Water Stains on Your Ceiling?

Call a Parkton, MD Based Contractor for Drywall or Plaster Repair Services

It's been a few months since you fixed your leaky roof, but the water stain it left behind is still hanging over your head. Wish you could make the problem disappear? F.R. Contractors & Investors, Inc. can. We're a contracting company in Parkton, MD that specializes in drywall and plaster repair.

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When Accidents Happen, Call Us for Plaster Repair or Drywall Repair in Parkton, Cockeysville, MD and Baltimore County

Did you gouge your living room walls while moving furniture? Has a water leak in your bathroom left an ugly stain on the ceiling below? No matter what happened, you can count on us to erase all traces of the damage in your Parkton, MD or Baltimore County area home.

Here's what you can expect when you choose us for drywall or plaster repair services:

  • We'll give you a free estimate.
  • We'll remove the damaged material.
  • To patch your plaster, we'll apply a primer to make sure the new plaster bonds correctly.
  • To patch your drywall, we'll cut and attach the new piece of drywall and smooth out the surface.
  • We'll paint the area so it looks like new.

You'll be impressed with our work, but you don't have to take our word for it. Check out our Gallery page now to see plaster and drywall repair projects we've done recently.